Art Nouveau Castle

The idyllic atmosphere of the Romantic nationalism from the beginning of the 20th century emanates from the exquisite details and oriels of Majvik’s Art Nouveau Castle.

The castle’s dining facilities are suitable for festive lunches and dinners as  well as for various types of cocktail and theme events.

Majvik castle is very popular place for wedding.

The castle’s dining facilities are always booked for one customer in their entirety. Which of the rooms downstairs will be used depends on the number of attendees.

Baroque Hall

The Baroque Hall, which was named after its furniture, has a long table suitable for twenty persons.

In addition, 8 diners fit at the round table in the Baroque Hall’s oriel window.

Yellow Hall

There are five round tables that can hold seven persons each in the Yellow Hall of the Castle.

The Yellow Hall has a large doorway that opens up onto the Baroque Hall, so, in after a fashion, the facilities are almost joined.

The Castles Upper Hall

Once you have dined, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or cognac in the Castle’s upper hall. The romantic Pink Salon can be reached through the hall.

The upper hall also has a wedding suite and a “mother-in-law” room, suitable for three persons.