The Union of Technical Employees

Since the late 1950s, the Finnish Union of Technical Employees had discussed acquiring a training centre. In June 1974, union representatives, led by Chairperson Matti Huuskonen, went to visit a potential site for sale in Karjalohja. On their way back that evening, the group stopped at Majvik since Architect Juhani Välkepinta had indicated that it might be for sale.

After a long sales process, the Weckmans agreed to let the Union buy Majvik. They hope that Majvik would not be split up and that it would be “actively used by young people”. Majvik’s 15-hectare estate switched owners in September 1974.

Majvik was sold for FIM 2 million, a quarter payable straight away and the remainder once the Weckmans had harvested their potatoes. Improvements started to be made on the grounds and with the buildings: the main building was renovated and classrooms were created in the “Lilla villan”, which is nowadays called Pehtoori. The first course for liaison officers was held in this building in April 1975.

A temporary wooden terraced house was built on the shore for students and staff. Roads were repaired, the forest was cleared and volunteers helped to clean up the area. A jogging path was built in the part and the old tennis court was fixed. The new classroom facilities were built in 1977. The main classroom was called Artturi in honour of Arthur af Forselles and the recreational space downstairs is called Jallu after Jarl Weckman.

The union also bought the Majbystrand estate on the shore and had three buildings built there: a classroom called Emma after Forselles’ wife Emma Kolster; a lodging house called Ragni, who was a family friend of the af Forselles; and a house for the caretaker named Mari after Annie-Marie Weckman. The new main building, Meeting and Convention Hotel Majvik, was opened in autumn 1990.