Environmental Policy

Majvik is located on the seashore, in the midst of nature.

Environmental conservation is an issue that is very dear to our hearts and forms a natural part of a successful business.

We are committed to observing the laws on the environment, reducing our impact on the environment, continually improving our activities and meeting our customer’s expectations.


The most important elements in our environmental programme include not wasting energy, water and materials; sorting waste in an effective and efficient manner; and considering the impact our acquisitions have on the environment.

In their work, our entire staff adheres to the environmental programme that has been developed by an environmental team chosen from amongst the staff. The targets that have been set are carefully monitored and the programme is updated on a regular basis. Information on plans and results is passed on to all members of staff.

We are always ready to listen to proposals for improvements made by our customers and we also involve our partners in environmentally responsible action.

Majvik has been involved in Green Key – programme since 2021.

Positive environmental credentials are becoming more and more important to travellers when they are trying to decide on a place to stay. Green Key symbolises a commitment to the environment and sustainable development which is extremely attractive to potential guests.

The most important issues are:
* save energy and water
* to reduce waist and recycling
* only eco-labeled papers, cleansers etc. will be used in hotel
* staff, co-operators and customers will be informed of our environmental
measures and environmental policy