Sustainable development

Majvik is located in the middle of beautiful nature, by the sea. Responsibility and saving the environment is a matter of our hearts and a natural part of a profitable business. We are committed to complying with environmental laws and regulations, reducing environmental impacts, continuously improving operations and meeting customer expectations.


Majvik has been involved in Green Key – programme since 2021 and STF (Sustainable Travel Finland) since 2022.

The most important things in our environmental program are the economical use of energy, water and materials, efficient sorting and consideration of environmental effects in purchases. All Majvik buildings are connected to geothermal heat. Our entire staff works for the environmental program, and the program is developed by an environmental group selected from among the staff. The set goals are monitored, and the program is updated regularly. Personnel are informed about plans and results. Our partner companies and our subcontractors are committed to environmentally responsible activities. As a Green Key-certified company, we are committed to developing the responsibility of our operations and communicating our measures to customers as well. Our own development efforts alone are not enough – responsible operations and reducing environmental impacts require a concerted effort from all of us.

Green Key – What it means in Majvik
The Green Key certificate says that we are committed to doing more year after year to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Practical measures have been taken, e.g. in the following areas:

  • Energy saving – the entire Majvik is connected to the geothermal field, as for the lighting, the lamps have been replaced with LED lamps.
  • With the renewal of air conditioners, ventilation heat recovery.
  • Water use – the amount of water is optimized in toilets, showers and showers. Regular monitoring of water flow.
  • Waste reduction, efficient sorting and recycling. Monitoring the amount of waste. Cleaning agents, tissue paper and office paper in daily use are always eco-labelled.
  • Increasing the knowledge and awareness of staff, subcontractors, stakeholders and customers, and engaging them in environmentally responsible activities.
  • Food product and servings –  we do not use single-use containers or individual products packed in plastic packaging. We prefer and recommend tap water to our customers. We prefer local food, fish and vegetable options. We also guide our customers to reduce food waste: “only take as much as you can eat!”Projects:
    1. Paperless office – radical reduction of printouts, saving documents etc. in electronic files.
    2. Effective reduction of waste
    3. Emphasizing the diverse nature of Majvik – flying squirrels, our nature area and the sea beetle, rare and diverse flora.We encourage our customers to use public transport. It is easy for us to come by public –  commuter train (U)  to Masala station. See the VR schedules here. From the station, it’s about a 15-20 minute walk to Majvik along the guided walking route.

Majvik has been involved in Green Key – programme since 2021 and STF (Sustainable Travel Finland) since 2022.